FM Systems

FM Performs Brilliantly in Large Arenas

For venues like the O2 Arena, formally known as the Millennium Dome, we utilise radio technology (known as FM) combined with the Induction Loop for the benefit of people with hearing impairment. Now everyone can enjoy hearing their favourite performing artists as well as watching them thanks to FM Hearing Systems.

This technology can be used in large spaces that are not normally associated with concerts but where such events are organised. For example, you wouldn’t use it at a football stadium for the football, but if you had a live Rod Stewart performance, you really should use it. It is significant that the FM system was chosen for the O2 arena as it is designed specifically for such entertainment areas.

The O2 Arenas recent £600m transition by AEG boasts an indoor arena, music club, cinema and exhibition space, as well as several bars and restaurants. It plays host to a plethora of the world’s biggest stars and most prestigious concerts – the O2 Arena is now widely considered the greatest new music venue in Europe.

No Compromise on Sound

As the arena is used by the world’s top performing artists two things had to be taken into consideration – that the sound performance had to be outstanding and there had to be no restriction on the movement of the performers.

Naturally, AEG in their budgeting addressed issues for the hearing impaired – not only those members of the public who use hearing aids but also those who do not but have impaired hearing. Vivid Acoustics were contacted through our website and were privileged to advise on solutions under the clear understanding that no compromise on sound performance was acceptable. We conducted a site visit and prepared the specification.

We advised and specified an FM radio system where the hard of hearing would be issued with a body-worn receiver for use with an Induction Loop or headphones to ensure that all visitors to the O2 arena could enjoy their favourite artist to the full. Those who have hearing impairment but who don’t use hearing aids can use the headphones – and those visitors who have hearing aids fitted with the “T-coil” can also listen in comfort. A sigificant added benefit of the FM technolgy as an assistive listening system is that visitors can listen to the performance while talking a stroll or eating in the restaurant.

We liaised with the regulatory bodies to obtain a licence, completed the full installation and sign off when the regulatory body tested and licenced the end result.