Infrared Systems

Infrared Hearing Systems (IR) & Induction Loops

Infrared System For Added Confidentiality

In places such as courtrooms, police interview rooms, council chambers, hospital lecture theatres etc where there is an obvious need for confidentiality we bring together Infrared (IR) and Induction Loop technology for the benefit of people with hearing impairment to create an Infrared Hearing System.

The advantages are clear. With IR technology there can be no “listening” outside nor is there any overspill through the walls, the ceiling or the floor. The IR transmission will of course pass through glass, as it is the same as natural light in this respect so there can be “overspill” through windows. This is easily prevented with normal density fabric curtains or blinds – therefore keeping discussion in the room totally confidential.

Simple Concept

An IR hearing system isn’t a difficult concept. It consists of an IR transmitter, fed by a microphone, which transmits the IR light to a body-worn receiver. Here we offer a neck loop with built in IR receiver, which communicates with the “T-coil” in the hearing aid in the normal way. In addition and for those with impaired hearing but who do not wear a hearing aid we offer a similar receiver with normal headphones.

As with natural light IR requires line of sight to be effective and people in front of the user can shield the IR receiver. This is normally overcome by reflection of the IR from the walls and ceiling of the room and it is not usually a problem at all except if people are standing very close together.

What is most important is that the voice quality of the IR system is excellent and completely unaffected by machinery and other potential noise distractions. To keep things confidential look into what our IR system can do for you.