Room Loops

Room Induction Loops

Our range of room loops, designed for areas up to 500 square metres, are ideal for Conference Suites, Theatres, places of worship and any meeting area where the quality of sound is paramount.

Once installed and set up by our own specialist installers the systems are “fit and forget”. They can be switched on in the morning and off in the evening, or left on 24/7.

Visible LED’s illuminate to show that the amplifier is connected to the mains and an “Active” LED flickers during use indicating that speech is being transmitted by the Induction Loop.

VA80 Induction Loop

The VA80 is designed for use in meeting rooms, schools, offices, TV lounges etc, any room up to 80 square metres in area. It offers the same Vivid standard of performance associated with our larger systems, thus ensuring that listeners enjoy the full benefit of its installation.

Having two audio inputs, it can be configured to suit most needs. Balanced or unbalanced microphones, TV, DVD or any other line level inputs can all be accepted. Independant volume control at each input allows accurate adjustment for optimum listener satisfaction.

The VA80 is fully protected against over-temperature and over-current faults, and once installed and correctly adjusted, requires no further user intervention.

VA135 Induction Loop

The VA135 is designed for large areas such as conference rooms, offices, school assembly halls, lecture theatres, churches and hotel TV lounges up to 135 square metres in area. That’s why you’ll find Vivid room loop systems in places like the Holiday Inn chain and St. James’ Park Conference Suites, home of Newcastle United. They all see the value of enabling the hard of hearing to enjoy the experience of utilising their facilities whether the reason is business or pleasure.

With multiple inputs it can be configured to suit most combinations of microphone, TV, DVD or PA system. In addition an Alarm input permits linking to the fire alarm or doorbells etc.

Once the VA135 is installed and correctly adjusted in your large space you don’t have to worry, as it requires no further user intervention.

VA500R Induction Loop

The VA500R is a state of the art induction loop amplifier suitable for the most demanding applications. Packaged in a stylish 1U 19″ housing, it can either be rack mounted, free standing or wall mounted using the brackets provided in the kit. VA500R is suitable for use in rooms up to 500m2 (square) or 630m2 (2:1 aspect ratio) or 840m2 (3:1 aspect ratio).

The VA500R professional induction loop amplifier is ideal for use in conference suites, lecture rooms, theatres, sports halls, cinemas and many more large area venues.

Infinity – Portable Room Induction Loop

Sometimes large rooms don’t justify a fixed loop system because they are not fully utilised. The Infinity loop is a quick and easy way to make the room hard-of-hearing friendly when you are planning an event and is ideal for small, medium or large auditoria. What you have with the Infinity is a truly portable room loop and it can be supplied with audio amplifiers and loudspeakers so it can operate as a PA system as well.