Sound Masking

Sound Masking

Q/ What is Sound Masking?

A/ Sound Masking – is the addition of a familiar sounding, unobtrusive background sound to an environment, intended to “cover-up” unwanted conversations.

Imagine being in a darkened room where a flashlight is flickering. The light is noticeable. Now imagine that the lights are on. The same flashlight is now unnoticed; it has been masked. This is how Sound Masking works. The most cost-effective path to improved workplace acoustics is the addition of a Sound Masking system – other noise suppression solutions such as higher cubicles, rearranging your workspace wall reconstruction are not as cost effective as sound masking.

Who needs to use Sound Masking?

Workplace acoustics are often overlooked. Sound masking devices can improve the acoustic environment in just about every situation, including;

Our Sound Masking System is installed directly into the workspace. Miniature emitters, or speakers, uniformly disperse a pre-programmed, spectra-appropriate sound through four sequenced channels. The result is a sound far quieter than competing alternatives for the same level of masking speech.

Why Sound Masking Technology from Vivid Acoustic?

Designed and invented by acoustic professionals with decades of combined experience, Sound Masking systems built with this technology share these features:

In your role as facilities manager, you are the expert; you anticipate problems with your work environment and respond to complaints. In this valued role, you need to know about sound masking and Vivid Acoustics is here to keep you informed.